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11 Martie 2002
Academia 1educat - Oferta cursuri
eBYF este revista electronica editata si distribuita gratuit de Asociatia pentru Excelenta in Cariera. Informatiile prezentate reflecta ofertele publice de servicii educationale/training /cariera, obtinute direct de la furnizori sau din mass-media. Reproducerea partiala sau integrala a materialelor prezentate este permisa in conditiile mentionarii sursei.
eBYF este distribuita saptamanal (AEC isi pastreaza dreptul de a decide asupra periodicitatii aparitiei, in functie de oferta educationala existenta pe piata la un anumit moment).
ISSN 1582-9103
Cursuri online, gratuite:
"Idei creative pentru copii" - curs adresat parintilor, educatorilor, in general, persoanelor care lucreaza cu copiii.
"Consilierea si instruirea copiilor supradotati"
* Cursul online "Comunicare" va incepe pe 20 martie a.c.
In curand: Comunicare si relatii publice, Web Design, Project Management, Utilizarea Internetului, Cautarea informatiilor pe Internet etc.
Pentru mai multe detalii, vizitati Academia 1educat.
Scoala de Studii Postuniversitare de Management ofera în cadrul programei sale academice cursurile Programului Româno - Canadian de Master of Business Administration (MBA). Scoala functioneaza ca urmare a unei colaborari armonioase dintre institutii de învatamânt superior din Canada si România: Academia de Studii Economice (ASE), École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) din Montréal si University of Ottawa (UO). Inscriere: 11 februarie - 30 aprilie 2002. Sustinerea testului: 19 mai 2002. Desfasurarea cursului: 30 august  2002 - 18 iulie 2003. Selectia se face de catre o comisie formata din membri ai echipei manageriale si profesori din A.S.E. care apreciaza dosarul academic, motivatia, obiectivele profesionale si aptitudinile candidatilor. Testul de aptitudini este scris, cu o durata de 3 ore si se compune din sectiuni in limbile engleza si franceza. Subiectele verifica aptitudini si cunostinte generale (gandire, rapiditate in luarea deciziilor, logica, etc.) Detalii: www.can-mba.ro, office@can-mba.ro.

BARNA Educational Center anunta inceperea sesiunii de iarna a  cursurilor de pregatire pentru admiterea 2003 la programele MBA  in strainatate. Cursurile vor debuta cu pregatirea pentru GMAT si TOEFL. Reduceri /gratuitati pentru studenti si cursantii cu rezultate exceptionale.Ultima zi de inscriere : 26 martie 2002. Relatii suplimentare la 321.13.53 / 093.501.642, cdeak@itcnet.ro. Program cu publicul: marti, miercuri, joi, vineri 10-22, simbata , duminica 10-16, luni inchis.

The Center for Independent Journalism in Bucharest, Romania announces the Skills Based Journalism - Teaching Journalism Effectively summer school, to
be held in Bucharest, July 29 - August 11, 2002. The goal of the school is to support young faculty interested in developing a skills-based teaching style. US and local academics will share teaching tips, syllabi and ideas for creating interactive classroom exercises that  promote independent learning, and the development of practical journalism skills. The program is open to 16 junior academics teaching in journalism schools in Albania,
Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia. The ideal candidate is fully employed by a University, aged under 35, committed to an academic career in journalism education. The participants should have a very good command of English. The school will be hosted by the Center for Independent Journalism (www.cji.ro) and it is financially supported by the Open Society Institute (Budapest), through its Higher Education Support Program, and the Independent Journalism Foundation (New York). For application forms and further details please contact the Course Director Ioana Avadani, 01 335 62 00; e-mail ioana@cji.ro

Fundatia Preasfanta Fecioara Maria impreuna cu Agentia Municipala de Ocupare a Fortei de Munca organizeaza cursul de calificare/recalificare de "Supraveghere si ingrijire la domiciliu" cu specializare in ingrijirea copiilor, batranilor, menaj. Cursul este avizat de Ministerul Sanatatii si Familiei si de Ministerul Educatiei si Cercetarii, iar certificatele de calificare eliberate la absolvire sunt valabile atat pe plan intern cat si pe plan extern. Pentru detalii puteti contacta Fundatia Preasfanta Fecioara Maria la tel: 01-252.23.87, 01-252.70.82, 01-634.79.76, sau e-mail: fundatia@sfmaria.ro

The Network Scholarship Programs Department of the Open Society Institute is pleased to offer supplementary grants to students from Romania. The purpose of the program is to enable qualified students to pursue Doctoral studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences at accredited universities in Western Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Grants will be awarded on the basis of academic record, merit of the proposed study, applicant's long-term goals, and financial need. The grants will provide supplemental funding for one year of study with the option to apply for a second year. Reapplication procedures will be outlined in the 2003/ 2004 application form. Renewal grants will be competed and are not guaranteed. Only students who have been accepted into a full-time doctoral (Ph.D.) program at an accredited university are eligible to apply. Grants are provided to help cover costs in one of the following categories: 1. Tuition and fees - not to exceed 50% of tuition and fees per academic year; 2. Living expenses - students who have succeeded in funding their tuition,
either through scholarships or tuition wavers, are eligible for housing and living funds; 3. Other - students who have secured all necessary funds but cannot afford
additional expenses, such as travel to/from their host country, books, materials, health insurance, etc., are eligible for additional funds. Grants will not be provided to cover expenses in all three categories. Only those students with confirmed financial support will receive grants. In addition, in no case may an applicant request grant assistance for the support of an accompanying child or spouse. 
http://www.osi.hu/nsp/If you are unable to download the application, please email us your mailing address.
For students pursuing Ph.D. in North America, Asia, Australia: April 1, 2002. For students pursuing Ph.D. in Western Europe: June 1, 2002. Please mail applications to the address below or to your local Soros office. Be sure to leave sufficient time for applications to get to us, as mail systems can be slow. Network Scholarship Programs, Global Supplementary Grant Program, 400 West 59th Street, New York, NY 10019, USA. If you have any questions about the program, you may reach us at: Tel: (1-212) 548-0175 Fax: (1-212) 548-4652 E-mail: scholar@sorosny.org

EFES 2002 - If you are a student of Faculty of Economics, or Bussines school, you are ambitious, have knowledge in Informatic systems, Marketing and General economic, Economic festival EFES 2002 is best thing for you. EFES 2002 gives opportunities to all ambitious students , to contend and show their abilities and knowledge. During EFES 2002, you will be able to attend lessons of eminent professors from Faculty of Economics Podgorica and represents of World Bank. Application form and more details at http://www.efes2002.cg.yu

European Youth Centre Strasbourg - Training Course on Working in International Youth Structures, 16 - 27 September 2002. The application form must be sent to the EYC Strasbourg by 15 May 2002. More details at
European Youth Centre Strasbourg, 30, rue Pierre de Coubertin, F - 67000 Strasbourg, France, Tel: +/33/ 3 88 41 23 00, Fax: +/33/ 3 88 41 27 77/78,

The European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation is an intensive one-year academic programme to educate professionals in the field
of human rights and democratisation and provide its graduates with pratical work experience. It is a multi-disciplinary programme that reflects the indivisible
links between human rights, democracy, peace and development. The programme offers an action and policy-oriented approach to learning about international relations, law, philosophy, anthropology, political science
and sociology. Deadline for Application for the a. y. 2002/ 2003: March 30, 2002. For any problem related to the application on-line, please contact the E.MA web responsible. European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation, E.MA Secretariat, Monastero di San Nicolo, Riviera San Nicolo, 26 I-30126 Venezia Lido
Tel +39 041 5265485/Fax +39 041 5262927
E-mail :ema-info@venis.it & hrd-european.master@venis.it;  E.MA web site

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is pleased to announce the Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism.  Beginning in 2002, two $10,000 prizes will be awarded, one to a local reporter in a developing country or nation in transition, and the other to a freelance journalist covering  international news, to recognize independent and professional reporting that sheds new light on controversial issues. Entry forms are available at the prize web site:  www.jrn.columbia.edu/prizes/schork
The first recipients of the Kurt Schork Memorial Prizes will be honored at an awards ceremony to take place in New York in October, 2002.  The program is administered by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  Questions?  Contact us at (212) 854-8653 or via e-mail at schorkawards@jrn.columbia.edu or visit our Web site: www.jrn.columbia.edu/prizes/schork
Leonard Davis Post-Doctoral Grant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - The Leonard Davis Institute, in an effort to encourage developing scholars to pursue their research as part of the academic community of the Hebrew University, offers a Post-Doctoral Grant of $20,000 to researchers in the field of international relations who have held their doctoral degree for no more than two years and who will be prepared to spend at least nine months at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem over the course of the academic year for which they receive
the grant. Applications should be sent to the Leonard Davis Institute, accompanied by a copy of the applicant's doctoral thesis and two recommendations, no later than September 30, 2002. Decisions for the academic year 2003-2004 will be announced in December 2002.
Applications are available from the Leonard Davis Institute (see addresses below) or directly from the Institute's internet site: Sharon Yakin-Mazar, Alfred Davis Building, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus Campus, Jerusalem 91905, ISRAEL
Tel. 972-2-5882312 Fax 972-2-582-5534
Email: msdavis@mscc.huji.ac.il
Visit the Fellowship website at http://davis.huji.ac.il

The Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University (UNU/IAS) is a multi-thematic, interdisciplinary, research and training centre located in Tokyo, Japan. Its programmes are directed at pressing
global issues of concern to the United Nations, making use of advanced  research methodologies. UNU/IAS Postdoctoral and PhD Fellowships are offered for a period of ten months. JSPS/UNU Postdoctoral Fellowships are offered for twelve to twenty-four months (see http://www.ias.unu.edu/fellowships/aboutpostgrad.cfm for more details)

Centrul Euroregional pentru Democratie (CED) a lansat in 12 Februarie 2002 un nou ciclu de sesiuni de formare adresate reprezentantilor de ONG si institutii din tarile Europei de Sud Est. Urmatoarele sesiuni pentru care se mai pot face inscrieri se vor desfasura dupa urmatorul calendar: I. Managementul Proiectelor: 08 - 12 Aprilie 2002, Termen de inscriere: 25 Martie 2002 II. Marketing si fundraising: 13 - 17 Mai 2002  Termen de inscriere: 29 Aprilie 2002 III. Leadership: 17 - 21 Iunie 2002 Termen de inscriere: 3 Iunie 2002 Pentru detalii: http://www.regionalnet.org/ Coordonator program: Cristian Belei, Email: cbelei@regionalnet.org, Tel.: 056-221470, 056-221472;  Fax: 056-221469, 056-436640.


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