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nr. 6 / 16 iulie 2001

A.  Oferta de cursuri/seminarii/scoli/evenimente
B.  Lectia de cariera (6)

A.  Oferta de cursuri/seminarii/scoli/evenimente
July 29th- August 4th 2001, Gura Vaii
The Summer School is organized in completion to a social-psychological cross-border field study done by the Euroregional Center for Democracy (Timisoara, Romania) in cooperation with The "Circle" - Youth Association of Melenci (Yugoslavia). The field study was done on a relevant sample of 800 young people, aged 18-29, from rural and urban localities in the Banat region of Yugoslavia and Romania. The study reflects the present situation, concerning: the young public's trust in institutions, the level of civic involvement of youth, how young people perceive democracy - associative maps. The goal of the study is to provide organizations and institutions of regional or international level, that are involved in the region, with a legitimate instrument of evaluating the actual issues concerning democracy building & youth in the region.
Summer School
The results of the field study are the material of discussion for the participants at the summer school. The goal is for young leaders of NGOs and young social scientists from both countries to work together on: Understanding the results of the study, Identifying the problems - the vulnerable points in building democracy with and among youth, Drawing up a sum of possible causes, Designing concrete networking projects, in order to cope with the identified problems.
The language of the Summer School is English. The moderators of the Summer School are: Cristian Pârvulescu - President, Pro Democratia Association, Romania, Mihaela Lambru - Assistant Professor, Political Science Faculty, University of Bucharest, Romania, Milenko Dereta - Director, Civic Initiatives, Belgrade, FRY. Expected Results: The results of the field research, presented in a scientific& intuitive format, together with the conclusions of the Mirrors of Democracy Summer School, will be published in bilingual versions (Romanian- English, Serbian- English) and will be distributed among government structures, NGOs, international organizations & institutions involved in the region. Location of the Summer School: The Summer School will take place at the beautiful Continental Motel Gura Vaii, situated on the banks of the Danube River.
Address: E70 (DN6), km 348.5- Portile de Fier/ Iron Gates, Romania, Tel: +4 052 342143, Fax: +4 052 342143, Email: parc@drobeta.expert.ro
The Euroregional Center for Democracy will provide and will cover transportation and accommodation for all participants.
Profile of the participant: Young NGO leader/ activist and/ or Researcher/ Scholar/ Postgraduate student in Social Sciences (Sociology, Political Science etc.); Participants should be from Romania or Yugoslavia; Participants should have a very good command of English language. The applications should contain: Curriculum Vitae, Letter of motivation.
The applications are to be send: by email: enagy@regionalnet.org or by fax: +4 056 221469, or through regular mail: Euroregional Center for Democracy, 10 Semenic Str., Timisoara 1900, Romania, Tel: +4 056 221471, 221472, Program Coordinator: Eugen Nagy
Portalul Romania Online (ROL.ro) si Akela anunta lansarea concursului Olimpiada Online. Olimpiada Online este un concurs de informatica online, care se adreseaza elevilor de gimnaziu si liceu si este comparabil ca dificultate cu olimpiadele judetene si nationale. Olimpiada Online permite oricarui elev care are acces la Internet sa-si evalueze capacitatea de a solutiona diverse probleme de informatica. Conceptia problemelor si evaluarea rezultatelor revine unei comisii formate din reputati profesori si programatori. Concursul a fost initiat intr-o faza experimentala pe perioada verii, in care participantii  se pot obisnui cu metoda de participare si evaluare pe perioada vacantei de vara, urmand ca, incepand cu luna septembrie, concursul sa demareze “in plin”. Castigatorii etapelor experimentale ale concursului vor primi premii constand in abonamente
de acces la Internet. Atunci cand concursul va incepe oficial, in luna septembrie, printre premii se vor numara si calculatoare, imprimante, accesorii si cursuri de pregatire. Olimpiada On-line va culmina cu organizarea unei “finale” in care cei care si-au dovedit calitatile de programatori de-a lungul celor cinci etape, vor putea avea o “confruntare” fata in fata, in Bucuresti, la o data care va fi anuntata ulterior. Cei care doresc sa participe la Olimpiada Online se pot inscrie la adresa http://www.olimpiadaonline.ro.
COMPASS Training organizeaza in perioada imediat urmatoare urmatoarele cursuri deschise:
- 20-21 iulie (2 zile) - Evaluarea Personalului & Comunicare
- 27 28 iulie (2 zile) - Tehnici de Vanzare de Baza
Detalii la tel/fax: 01-321.59.87, sau email: office@compass.ro. Persoana de contact: Mirela Ionescu
Contact: Liviu Taloi ltaloi@logicnet.ro
International Event: The Balkan Parliament, Date: October 5-10, 2001, Place: American University in Bulgaria. Financial Aid: Full Grant for all selected applicants. Deadline: August 31, 2001
Take part in the annual Balkan Parliament, and make contacts with 60 students from ten countries, and various professors, diplomats, and businessmen. The Balkan Parliament is an international event, which is organized with the support of the "Open Society Institute" in Budapest, and which will take place at the American University in Bulgaria in October 5-10, 2001. Besides speeches, workshops, and field trips, the event centers on a Balkan Parliament simulation that parallels the institutional structure of the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. 
Admitted students receive a certificate and a full grant, covering travel costs, hotel, and board.
University students from every South and Eastern European country, who are pursuing a degree in
Humanities or Social Sciences, are invited to apply. Applications must include an application form, a CV, and a 500-word essay on the topic: "According to you, what is the major impediment in creating a regionally integrated Balkan society? How would you solve it?" . Essays will be reviewed in terms of originality, leadership potential, accuracy, and concreteness. The application form can be downloaded on the project website (www.geocities.com/balkanparliament/index.html).
All materials must be submitted via e-mail by August 31, 2001 to: balkanparliament@yahoo.com
There will be a conference on "Nationalist Myths and Pluralist Realities in Central Europe", Edmonton, Canada, October 25-27, 2001. The conference is jointly organized by the Canadian Centre for Austrian and Central European Studies (CCAuCES) of the University of Alberta and the Center for
Austrian Studies (CAS) of the University of Minnesota. The objective of this conference is to re-examine some of the most persistent myths of central European history in the light of new research, and to reconsider the confrontational view of the common past inspired by nationalist hostilities. For further information, contact Franz Szabo, Director, Canadian Centre for Austrian and Central European Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2E6. E-mail: ccauces@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca; or Gerhard Weiss, Interim Director, Center for Austrian Studies,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55454, U.S.A. E-mail: casahy@umn.edu.
There will be a conference on "Political Democracy and Ethnic Diversity" to be held in Amsterdam, March 13-15, 2002.  For information, contact Andre W. M. Gerrits, Institute for Russian and East European Studies, University of Amsterdam, O.Z. Achterburgwal 237, 1012 DL Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, tel: 31 (0)20 525-2267; fax: 31 (0)20 525-2086; e-mail: a.gerrits@let.uva.nl

B. Lectia de cariera - 6
Oamenii au tendinta sa castige ceea ce ei merita sa castige.

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