My Profile:

I have some expertise in feline treatment, yet I am likewise acquainted with canine issues. The point of my work is to further develop correspondence between the creature and its gatekeeper, explain the issue and what is at its root. Changing on a surface level is conceivable just when the creature’s inspirations become clear and reasonable to us.

I have a place with the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviorists and Trainers (CAPBT – COAPE Association of Pet Behaviorists and Trainers), whose individuals stick to the Code of Ethics which is an assurance of dependable assistance, where the benefit of the patient and client is of vital significance.

Both in working with felines and with canines, I work based on sure preparation, without the utilization of aversive strategies. I direct conduct treatment utilizing the EMRA model, zeroing in on the feelings experienced by the creature, its overall state of mind, and fortifications.